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If you are not Diabetic or familiar with Diabetes please take note of the warning signs I have listed below. They could possibly save your life or the life of someone you love.

Let me start by saying I am Diabetic and have been for almost 50 years. Since the age of two. I have taken insulin injections and done fairly well considering the number of years I have had it.

I have grown up with Diabetes all my life. So not knowing any other way of life I cant complain about how my life has been.

I have spent a lot of time reading similar sites about Diabetes and I have found that most of what I have come across has been very negative or depressing in how Diabetics have lived or view their lives with Diabetes. My page will is not of that nature, I am here to let you all know that your life is as good or bad as any ones but that depends completely on you.

My childhood years were not hard but I had many nighttime insulin reactions. while I never really could figure out why, I just kind of grew out of them in my teenage years. I went through a stage in my childhood (around 9) that I decided I didn’t want to take shots anymore (typical child) I lied about my tests and didn’t take my shots but I also got really sick and found it wasn’t worth taking the risk. It was at that age that I got involved in Diabetic Camp. This is the most helpful thing to a child with Diabetes. It helps them learn how to deal with their life on a daily basis on their own. To accept what life has handed them and do the best with it. I went to camp for about 6 years each summer for 2 weeks at a time, It was great! I suggest all parents locate Diabetic Camps in their area if you have children with Diabetes. I have listed a link I found that lists Diabetic Camps by state if you are not familiar with where they may be in your area.

My mom and I are extremely close, we always have been. She has been my support through all my trials in life. She never made me feel like I was different as a child, which was and is very important. She brought me up to know that my life is what I make of it. And all those people that may not understand Diabetes are not a problem for me. I can help them to understand and if they can’t or won’t, that’s not for me to feel guilty or bad about. She has made me the person I am today, a strong independent woman with very strong opinions. I am proud to be her daughter.

At the age of 20 I became pregnant with my son and while I was constantly warned of high blood sugars I was not warned of low blood sugars. I did not have problems with high blood sugar, I had problems with low blood sugar. Not the normal situation I am told. I was taken to the hospital by way of ambulance several times, and it is amazing the strength a pregnant Diabetic can have during a insulin reaction seizure. (LOL) I feel really bad for the paramedics that had to come and help me. Anyway my son was born May 18, 1989 he was 8 weeks early and weighed 4 lb and 2 oz he was very tiny but only had to stay in the hospital for a week. His father and I are both Diabetic so I checked our sons blood every 6 months or so and we didn’t live our lives in fear that he may get it. He was diagnosed with Diabetes at age 12. By that time he had learned how to check his blood and how to give a shot. He spent a total of 3 days in the hospital and was then sent home. And he couldn’t have had better prepared parents in my opinion.

In my third month of pregnancy, The doctors diagnosed me with the Retinopathy, (the growth and bleeding of new blood vessels in the eye) I had to have Laser surgery in both of my eyes 8 times each and I had Vitrectomy surgery in my right eye. I don’t regret my pregnancy because of my eyes its just something that happened and it was taken care of. I would do it again to have my son. I went on later in my life to have Viterctomy done in my left eye to get rid of blood that never absorbed back into my body. I had a repeat of the surgery about 4 years ago to remove some of the floaters that remained after all the laser surgery. When they do the laser it goes in the burns or cauterizes the bleeding blood vessels. they do this through out the eye and around the retina. After surgery, as it heals, there becomes something like crispy edges that can break off and then they float around in your eye and only you can see them. That was what I had removed the second time I had the surgery done in my left eye. I can still see well I do have some night vision problems but that is due to the laser surgery. I have some peripheral vision loss as well from laser surgery but it is not an issue for me.

Diabetic Camps by state

My life has been as normal as anyone else’s in my opinion, I do what I have to, to keep it that way. It’s really all in your attitude of your life and how you choose to live it. You can sit around and feel sorry for yourself or you can get yourself together and make the most of your life. You only live once, why not enjoy it!

The following are WARNING SIGNS of a person, (adult or child) who may be at RISK for Diabetes. While I am not a doctor Please pay attention to these signs and consult your doctor should you feel they apply to you or your child.

The earliest detection is the best medicine.

Excessive Thirst
Blurred Vision from time to time
Tiredness or Drowsiness
Unexplained Weight loss

While my site is mainly about Diabetes, I am very much a supporter of Organ Donation. This following link is to a site I found very inspirational. They are friends of mine who have gone though the trials of needing, waiting for, and receiving and Organ Donation. Please visit this site and read their story. Organ Donor.Gov

If you would like to share your story, please email me to submit it. All stories will be available for others to read. I encourage this for Parents of children with Diabetes, those of us who have had Diabetes a long time can help these parents with info that could be very helpful or maybe save a life.

Your story does not have to be a positive one. We are here to help everyone and we all know diabetes is not always a positive time in a persons life.

Life with Diabetes can be a challenge. My site will take you through my life with Diabetes since the age of 2 years old.

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